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Electrical and control panels

Our team provides a comprehensive, all-encompassing service from designing the right installation package

Supply and installation of any kind of LV Electrical panel, Distribution panels, Capacitor Banks, ATS panels, Motor Control panels, PLC Control panels. Ir4 automation providing automated control systems cover many different areas from small, simple control circuits through to highly complex control panels for controlling complete production lines and factories.

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Industry 4.0 solutions.

Digitalization is key to industry 4.0

The Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence, augmented reality, big data and cloud computing have all combined. This is delivering the era of the ‘smart factory’ - a place in which the human, mechanical and digital machine are all combining to create more efficient processes to produce higher-quality goods at reduced costs. Companies across all manufacturing sectors must adopt digitalization and automation to reap the benefits for customers, employees and operations.

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Motion Applications

Design and implementation conveyor systems and robotics.

Offering mechanical handling solutions to all industries across a Sri Lanka.. Specializing in the design, manufacture and installation of our own energy efficient conveyor systems. Whether these are for industrial or warehouse purposes. Ir4 automation conducts essential regular service all systems and conveyor belts and robots. Thus impacting industry operations. Conducting essential maintenance boosts productivity, whilst delivering maximum performance and customer needs.

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