Supply and installation of any kind of LV Electrical panel, Distribution panels, Capacitor Banks, ATS panels, Motor Control panels, PLC Control panels.

Ir4 automation providing automated control systems cover many different areas from small, simple control circuits through to highly complex control panels for controlling complete production lines and factories.

  1. Excellent technical support to help get the perfect match for industrial needs
  2. control panel building, from design through to manufacture and software programming
  3. design, build and install electrical and pneumatic control panels for industry, ranging from very small control panels through to large projects with multiple large control panels that have touch screens and remote control
  4. Advanced technical support and assistance, from design and build through to integration.
  5. In-house PLC programming and control panel building skills
  6. Cutting-edge knowledge of automation databases through to robotic automation and more, control panel design
  7. Ability to build control panels to special standards
  8. support packages available
  9. We are providing
  11. Junction Termination Boxes
  12. PLC Panels
  13. Relay Panels
  14. VFD Panels
  15. VFD Bypass Panel
  16. Remote Terminal Units
  17. Process Control Panels
  18. Compressor Management Panels
  19. Pneumatic Panels
  20. Analyzer Panels
  21. Motor Controls
  22. Motor Starters
  23. Operator Consoles
  24. GUI Panels
  25. Protective Relay Panels
  26. Power Factor Correction Systems
  27. Soft start Control Panel
  28. Design Build Control Panel
  29. Pre-engineered Products
  30. SCADA Systems
  31. Explosion Proof Panels
  32. Stop/Start Stations
  33. HMI Panels
  34. Certified Panels
  35. Industrial PC’s
  36. BMS/HVAC Control Panels
  37. PLC and Automation Control Panels
  38. Motor Control Centres
  39. Local Operator Panels
  40. Indication Control Panels
  41. Control Desk

Electrical installations

Our team provides a comprehensive, all-encompassing service from designing the right installation package, manufacturing and installing panels, electrical installation to ongoing PAT testing and maintenance services.
  1. Industrial, commercial
  2. Switchgear, contactors and resistors
  3. Display lighting
  4. Low voltage lighting
  5. Emergency lighting, smoke and fire alarm systems
  6. Air conditioning and heating
  7. Test and inspections
  8. Internal and external replacement of lamps
  9. Blown fuses, circuit breakers
  10. Fault finding and repairs
  11. Data and communications cabling
  12. CCTV installation

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