Industry 4 solutions.

Digitalization is key to industry 4.0

The Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence, augmented reality, big data and cloud computing have all combined. This is delivering the era of the ‘smart factory’ - a place in which the human, mechanical and digital machine are all combining to create more efficient processes to produce higher-quality goods at reduced costs. Companies across all manufacturing sectors must adopt digitalization and automation to reap the benefits for customers, employees and operations. Flexible solutions for efficient factory environments. Our range of products provide robust frameworks, structures and systems for machine build, lean manufacturing and materials handling projects. Products available as separate components or our skilled and experienced team offers a complete design, processing and assembly service.

Premier Automation are Specialists in Control Systems and Robot Systems.

IR4 Automation is long established and highly respected supplier of Control Systems and Robot based Automation to the Automotive, General and Consumer Goods Industries in the Sri Lanka.

IR4 Automation can provide complete Control Systems or modify/update existing ones.IR4 Automation can design and build completely new Robot Systems or build systems utilizing used Robots to meet industry 4.0 process needs and re-engineer existing Robot Systems to work more efficiently, reduce cycle times or cope with new products.

The diversity of experience that our automation engineering team has gathered over the years, producing automated systems and special purpose machines, enables us to confidently select and combine the best industrial automation techniques based upon a sound understanding of their benefits and possible limitations, integrating these into your application. Being able to combine different automation technologies, with confidence, enables us to design and build innovative automation solutions that will reduce product cost and improve product quality.

Our special purpose machines often integrate robotic handling, vision systems, PLC / PC based control systems, electro-mechanical and pneumatic positioning systems to reduce risk, increase consistency and quality, and speed up your production processes.

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